Friday, 18 April 2014

Dr Bronners Magic Soap Review


When I received a bottle of Dr Bronners Magic Soap in a Glossybox a while back I was really excited. Everyone and their wife have raved about how fantastic the product was and I was excited to try it. Dr Bronners Magic Soap lists a whole host of options for what to use the soap for, but of course, being a beauty blogger I knew exactly what I was going to use the soap for; cleaning my makeup brushes.

This weekend my brushes were in dire need of a clean and I thought it was about time to put the Dr Bronners Magic Soap to the test! My bottle of Dr Bronners Magic Soap is the unseated version, which is perfect for brushes because you then don't  have to put a scented brush all over your face. The soap really is "liquid" in fact it's the consistency of water and it drops out of the bottle with ease,I definitely didn't have to give it much if a squeeze!

Because of the water like consistency the soap drips right into the bristles if the brush which means a thorough clean which I like. The soap really lathers up, which means you can really work the soap through the bristles. I probably used a bit too much of the soap on each brush, you really don't need very much to give a good clean, the one or two drops of soap don't look like much but they go a long way!

All in all I was really impressed with the Dr Bronners Magic Soap and I'll certainly be using it again, it's a fab little buy!

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