Saturday, 22 November 2014

Real Techniques Nic's Picks, £30

Can I just start by saying; could a brush set be anymore photogenic if it tried? I mean these are just gorgeous! I really tried to resist the Real Techniques Nic's Picks but I just couldn't go any longer without having these in my collection. I'm truly one of Real Techniques biggest fans, I have a lot of the brushes and I think they are fantastic quality. I would recommend them to everyone and I truly think there is a brush for every situation.

"Our Limited Edition Range of Synthentic Brushes are ultra-plush and smoother than the hair you’ll find in other brushes. Look pixel perfect even in harsh light."

Inside the limited edition 'Nic's Picks' set you get two brushes from the existing range; the Duo Fiber Powder Brush and one of my favourite brushes - the Duo Fiber Base Shadow Brush. You also get three exclusive brushes; the Angled Shadow Brush, Angled Eye Liner Brush and the Cheek Brush. I've been using all these brushes for the last couple of weeks and I I love them all. I do have to confess that I do have a favourite; the Cheek Brush. It's such a beautiful shaped brush and you can use it for a whole load of tasks.

As always all the brushes are made from Taklon and they are 100% cruelty free, they are all hand cut to give the perfect shade and they are all super soft. This is definitely not a set you want to miss! 

Friday, 21 November 2014

Christmas Tree M&S

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A new house can only mean one thing: a new Christmas tree! When Chris and I lived in Southampton as students we picked up a £10 tree and that was that. It was a little tree and it did the job. However, now we want to splurge a bit and buy a tree that will last us for years to come. 

One of the stores I always turn to for good quality items that will last is M&S. I’ve fallen in love with a 7ft traditional tree and it’s just gorgeous. It costs £115 but I know that it will last us for years and years to come. Whilst I was searching I couldn’t resist eyeing up a few decorations too! From the cute to the traditional they’ve got something for everyone, my personal favourite is the little snow globe!

Where did you get your first Christmas tree?

Bob The Polar Bear, The Body Shop (£4)

We all know that I cannot resist something cute, so when I was shopping on The Body Shop, it was no surprise that this ended up in my basket. Bob The Polar Bear is part of the Christmas offering from The Body Shop. Isn't he just gorgeous?

I love the festive sponges that The Body Shop bring out every year. This year we have two options; there's a penguin and Bob! I actually expected this to be much smaller than it actually is. It's a really good size (
L 9cm x H 12cm x D 8cm) and it's super soft. It aims to lather your body wash so it goes further but it also gives you gentle exfoliation!

This would make such a cute and sweet stocking filler, but I'm definitely keeping this one for myself! 

Thursday, 20 November 2014

I've been following Lylia Rose on Twitter for ages and I always love the beautiful pieces that the owner of the company tweets about. So when I saw her 'secret giveaway' I couldn't resist putting in a sneaky entry! I was really excited when I came home to a package with some polka dot packaging and I instantly spotted the Lylia Rose sticker! 

Lylia rose is a 'an online boutique filled with an eclectic mix of printed scarves, stylish handbags, fashion jewellery, statement necklaces, pretty charm bracelets, quirky scarves and so much more...'

I loved the necklace inside so much that I wanted to give it a little mention on my blog. It's a beautiful star which is unlike anything I've ever seen before. It's a really cute design and it's a nice chain too! It's really nice quality too! It's definitely worth checking out her website if you're looking for some jewellery gifts for Christmas!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

It's been a couple of weeks since my last roundup so I have quite a few pictures to share! I do like to take a lot of Instagram snaps!

Christmas is definitely here and I think we're allowed to talk about it, seeing as we past the middle of November. I'm obsessed with Monty The Penguin and I couldn't resist a snap with him in John Lewis at the weekend. I've had a bit of a stroke of luck too, I won a necklace from Lylia Rose and a £10 Models Own voucher! As well as Boots sending Chris a festive mug as part of the #specialbecause campaign. A couple of weeks ago I went to the Theatre Of Beauty event in Harvey Nichols and I had a fabulous time! I got to meet Anna from VDM and she was just lovely. I actually vlogged the whole experience, which you can watch here.

Shopping has been a bit of a weakness recently. I picked up Cheryl's new album from Amazon, I'm a bit of a Cheryl fan girl, I've bought all her albums and they are all amazing. You might notice that I picked up the Real Techniques Nic's Picks brush set too. I couldn't resist any longer! I'm really pleased that I bought them because they are fabulous! Chris got me a surprise present from Sainsbury's too - a pug Christmas jumper! It's so cute!

A lot has happened on my blog in the last couple of weeks so I thought I'd just share a couple of my favourite posts, in case you missed them! First up is my first Christmas Gift Guide which is for hosts and couples. It has lots of food related gifts and homeware items. I wrote about my five favourite Essie glitter polishes too (it was super hand to narrow it down!) I've also been reliving the hype around the Revlon lip butters, these beauties are fabulous

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Animal Christmas Gifts

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It's not a secret that I love a soft spot for anything cute. Put a dog, owl or penguin on anything and I immediately want it! So when it came to creating Christmas gift guides, I had to create one for animal fans.

There are lots of options are available but here are some of my absolute favourites. I adore these mugs from Next, there are four in a set with two different designs. Something I find hilarious is this 'Puppies For When Sh*t Happens' book! It's right up my alley, I'd love to keep this on my desk at work for when only a cute puppy will solve problems! I'm trying my hardest to let Chris let me have this Bowler Hat Pug canvas, it's work in progress haha! The must have for any penguin fan this Christmas, is this gorgeous baby penguin cushion from M&S, I'm in love!

I'll let you guys explore the other items, I hope you find something perfect for the animal fan in your life! 

Ciate Mini Mani Manor, £49 (here)

I knew I'd crack and buy at least one beauty advent calendar this year. The coverage of beauty advent calendars has been insane this year. Lots of brands have been joining the hype and there has been a lot to choose from. I actually had the first ever Ciate Advent Calendar, so this year I've gone back to my old favourite. I actually had a voucher code for Ciate so I picked this up half price which made it more worth it.

What swung it for me is that this year, there is a nail polish behind every door. In other years there has been a mixture of caviar beads and polishes. I don't get the use of out the caviar beads, so they just went to waste two years ago. 

This year the advent calendar is called 'Ciaté's Mini Mani Manor' and it features 17 most popular shades, five textured polishes and one exclusive full size Paint Pot. There is also one set of festive nail transfers, which I'm excited to try out. 

The Ciaté's Mini Mani Manor retails for £49 and would make a nice treat to yourself or for a makeup lover. You could deliver it as an early Christmas present! I cannot wait until December 1st to crack this open, not long now! 

Monday, 17 November 2014

After posting about my favourite Essie glitters, I couldn't shake my Essie obsession. I headed to Fragrance Direct and found that they had freshly restocked there Essie shades. Essie polishes for £2.50? Who can resist that?! 

I immediately filled my basket with beautiful shades and walked away with four colours that have been on my wish list for quite a while. Moving from top to bottom on the wheel, we have:

Stroke Of Brilliance 
I spoke about having this on my wish list in my glitter favourites. It's part of the Luxe collection from Essie and it's a stunning shade. It is a blue glitter in a clear polish, it can look a whole host of different colours, depending on what you layer it with. The polish is packed with glitter so you don't have to fish it out of the bottle. The formula is beautiful, it dries quickly and looks amazing.

After School Blazer
This shade had a lot of hype in October last year, it was featured on VDM and I instantly fell in love. When I saw it for £2.50 it jumped straight in my basket. It's the perfect shade for this time of year, it's a black navy and it looks fabulous on it's own or with a dash of glitter. 

The Lace Is On
This is a shade like nothing else in my collection. In the last year I haven't bought anything similar and I figured it would be a great alternative to the dark Autumn shades that have been gracing my nails recently. This is a lovely pearlescent fuchsia which just has such a beautiful sheen to it.

Toggle To The Top
I could speak about this shade all day long, it's one I've had in my collection for a whole year. I'm so happy to have the full sized bottle as I'm no longer worried about it running out. It's a beautiful red with glitter running all the way through it, I can't help wearing this all the time. As soon as it chips I'm reapplying it! It's one that is perfect for Christmas day!
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